Our Story

About us

We would like to start by thanking you for visiting our site and we hope you come to visit us at our store.  We are a VETERAN owned company that has been in the military apparel and accessories and boutique business for almost 9 years.  My husband has served in the Navy for 18 years, 9 years active and 9 years Reserve, and I have been by his side since his A School.  I have been in the retail/boutique business for over 20 years, and I am proud to have been able to serve our Veteran’s and military community for the last 9 years.  

For the past 9 years we have been selling military hats, patches, pins, shirts, and other military apparel and accessories at the Veterans Health Administration Hospitals, military exchanges, and craft fairs throughout Illinois and Wisconsin.  We are proud to be opening our store in Libertyville, Illinois, just 8 miles West of the Great Lakes Naval Station. If near the area, please stop in, but if not, please contact us via email, phone, or through the website, and we can ship that new hat, patch, and shirt to you.  Don’t forget that we also have a great selection of boutique apparel such as shirts, dresses, ponchos, scarves, handbags, and jewelries.  

We look forward to seeing you so please visit our contact page and come see us at our store.